Mojiit Avatar Male

Antonio medina rigging poses settup2

Designed & rigged a customizable Avatar to look like a representation of anyone for the Mojiit app.

Antonio medina male clothing 2

Modeled clothing and uvs of outfit and others. Two clothing textures to the right were done by Mark Lopez. I textured the first outfit on left (Black shirt and shoes).

Antonio medina faces 2

Designed customizable facial features facial features and changes of different color values in application.

Antonio medina male hairs render2

Textured hair styles & accessories. Lead 3D Artist on hairstyles consistency and training. Modeling of hairs & wool-cap by Mark Lopez and Mert Suha Oner.

Antonio medina display double

Animated the above GIFs Avatar & motion graphics for text messaging.

Mojiit KCAL News

Mojiit Avatar Male

Work Done: Male Avatar Design
Software: Maya, Photoshop, 3D Coat, Unity, After Effects
Zbrush, Substance Painter, Illustrator , 3D Coat
Project Link 1:
Studio: Mojiit
Application Name: MojiChat
Application: iOS
Release Date: 2018